Put on your best Rod Serling voice and repeat after me: “Imagine, if you will, an electric motorcycle with 898 lb-ft of mind-blowing, eye-watering torque.” Such a motorcycle exists and it is being driven right now by its creators on the roads that border Lake Geneva. This is not some cobbled together exercise that looks like it was created by high school seniors in welding class. The Zvexx (your guess on how to pronounce the name correctly is a good as mine) was designed and built by a group of Swiss engineers working together with people at local motorcycle shops.

Zvexx electric motorcycleThe bike’s declared purpose is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that an electric motorcycle can be every bit as evocative as one with an internal combustion engine. That starts with a blacked-out stealth chassis that sports carbon fiber accents. The darkness of the obsidian beast is accented by slashes of bright red on the swing arm, seat, and front forks. Sinister is a word that springs to mind to describe the Zvexx.

“This is not a project in user-friendly cuteness but a fusion of raw, biker appeal and unbridled electric force,” the company says. In fact, the bike is ridden regularly on the road by its creators. Out back is one of the fattest rear tires ever seen on a motorcycle, necessary to handle the awesome outpouring of torque from the electric motor.

The Zvexx has a 26 cell, 13 kWh lithium-ion battery that is good for about 90 miles of motoring, if you drive it in a reasonable fashion. But its developers ask, “Who wants to be reasonable when riding this bike?” They claim it can accelerate to 50 mph in under 3 seconds. Frankly, that’s a little underwhelming when you consider the 5,300 lb Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous can scoot to 60 in less time. But that’s a mere quibble. Riding the Zvexx has got to be a rush regardless of what its stats are.

No prices or production plans have been announced. The Zvexx is simply a one-off concept at the moment. But it shows that an electric motorcycle can be just as radical as anything ever dreamed up in any custom bike shop anywhere. No doubt the lads who put this machine together aren’t planning to stop with this first offering. Can’t wait to see what comes next, can you?

Source: AutoEvolution | Photo Credits: Zvexx via Maxim