Forget the ridiculously over-hyped Harley-Davidson Livewire with its flimsy range and robust, $30,000 price tag. The only people impressed by the Harley are people who don’t know anything about motorcycles. Zero, meanwhile, have been building the best electric motorcycles you can buy for a while– and they are seriously impressive. Now, the company is teasing what promises to be its most impressive bike to date: the 2019 Zero SR/F.



    Backed by thirteen years of innovation and iteration, setbacks and what-ifs, our next evolution will be the first of its kind. Effortless power. Precise instinct. This is the future of motorcycling.

I’ll be following this news closely (for obvious reasons), and expect to have more after the Progressive Chicago Motorcycle Show taking place February 15-17 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. And, if any you strange, strange people want to meet me, I’ll be at the Honda display.


Source | Images: Zero Motorcycles.