When you look at the motorcycle market these days as a whole, you could argue that there are just two companies who really have a sense of what the future of motorcycling is about: Zero and Honda. The bike you see here, dubbed “the Grom Reaper”, is what happens when one of the guys behind the Zero falls in love with the Honda Grom, and decides to build a manic, Zero-powered electric Grom.

“The stock (Honda) Grom has a tiny frame and a low-performance engine,” Zero Motorcycles’ designer Cole Mishler told Bike Exif. “So, I saw the potential (in it) to really showcase the power and quality of the Zero drive train … this thing is a wheelie machine!”

The transformation from fun little urban runabout to “wheelie machine” is hardly surprising when you consider the performance bump the Grom Reaper received when switching out Honda’s 125cc miniMOTO engine for the more powerful Zero electric motor. Horsepower has nearly tripled, to 27 HP rather than the standard Honda’s humble 10. Torque has gone up as well, but by orders of magnitude– a staggering 800% increase from 8 ft-lbs. to a monstrous 66. For comparison’s sake, that’s more– a LOT more– than you’d get from an 883 Harley, and that weighs several hundred pounds more than this little monster. Grom Reaper, indeed!

Aiding in the bike’s acceleration is an aggressive, 55-tooth rear sprocket. Like the other electric Grom builds we’ve covered, this one’s sprocket is cartoonishly large. Top speed is governed to 66 MPH (up from the standard Grom’s 55), but that’s more than enough to pretty decisively kill scare yourself.

Check out the pictures below, then compare it to some of the other custom motorcycle builds on this site and let us know what you think. Is this the best of both worlds, or is this Zero-powered minibike just way too weird to appeal to anyone but the most manic of wheelie-loving gearheads? And, finally, would that be such a bad thing? Scroll on down to the comments and tippy-type away. Enjoy!


Grom Reaper | Photo Gallery

Source | More Photos: Bike Exif.