Despite the doom and gloom of motorcycling’s future being prognosticated by people who equate Harley Davidson with the motorcycle industry, the adventure touring segment of the business is booming. It seems like manufacturers from Honda to Triumph have been flocking to this market- once dominated by BMW– in recent years. Now, it seems like we can add another big-budget competitor to the list of manufacturers trying to sell adventure touring bikes to millennials: Yamaha.

Drawing inspiration from XT600Z Tenere of the 1980s, the all-new Yamaha T7 concept bike revealed at EICMA is powered by a specially tuned version of the company’s 700cc CP2 engine in a lightweight alloy frame. The suspension bits- from KYB- certainly look the part and an expensive Akrapovic exhaust does its part, too, to set a sporty, off-road mood.

You can check out the official photo gallery and press release from Yamaha, below, then let us know what you think the T7’s odds for hitting production in this raw, racy state in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Yamaha T7 Adventure Tour Concept | Gallery


Yamaha display new T7 concept model at EICMA

The Ténéré spirit: Forever in our DNA

Whatever kind of Adventure motorcycle you ride, it is likely that it has been influenced in some way by one of the most significant models in the history of Yamaha. That model was the legendary XT600Z Ténéré, launched 33 years ago at the Paris Show.

The iconic XT600Z Ténéré appealed to a wide range of riders who loved its rugged simplicity and race-bred pedigree. Based closely on Yamaha’s factory Dakar Rally competition machines that were raced by legendary riders including Stéphane Peterhansel, this tough adventure model went on to become one of the best selling motorcycles in Europe.

In the first 10 years of its life – between 1984 and 1994 – this remarkable motorcycle achieved 61,000 sales, and today the Ténéré continues to attract a loyal following amongst many proud owners who are members of dedicated owners clubs.


New Yamaha T7 Concept: An expression of know-how and passion

The original Ténéré spirit that made Yamaha one of the greatest names in Rally and Adventure riding has never gone away, and is forever in the company’s DNA. Adventure represents a very pure and essential way of enjoying motorcycle riding for Yamaha, It offers feelings of utter freedom and discovery, traveling to stunning places even when there are no roads to get there. Now, Yamaha are about to give the world a glimpse of the future with the unveiling of the T7 Concept at EICMA.

Many existing mid-size adventure models are perceived as being too road oriented and too sophisticated. Unsuited to real off road riding. The adventure world needs a new kind of motorcycle that can offer the genuine long distance versatility and pure durability of the original Ténéré, combined with contemporary design plus cutting edge engine and chassis technology.

A committed team composed of Yamaha’s engineers, designers and product planners from the Official Rally Team in France, the R&D in Italy and GK Design in the Netherlands have developed the new T7 concept. Each member of the team is driven by a desire to create something that would fit the needs of the adventure traveller and represent the Yamaha vision for the next generation of adventure bikes.

Created using the race-bred DNA that has made Yamaha one of the most successful names in the Rally world, the Yamaha T7 Concept is a fully functioning prototype developed to achieve a perfect balance between road and off road capability.

This lightweight machine is based on an all new chassis that has been designed to complement a specially developed version of Yamaha’s highly acclaimed 700cc CP2 engine, delivering strong torque and an easy power delivery for perfect traction in all conditions.

Equipped with an aluminium fuel tank, 4-projector LED headlight, a carbon fairing and skidplate, and a custom made Akrapovič exhaust – as well as high specification KYB front suspension – the T7 is a vision of the ideal adventure machine, and is playing a major role in the development of Yamaha’s next generation adventure models.

A new chapter from the book of legends will be on the street – and on the dirt – from 2018.


Source | Images: Yamaha Motor UK, via Asphalt and Rubber.