What do luge racers do once the Olympics are over and the ice melts on the track? While others are cavorting on the beach, do they huddle inside and pray for winter? Now, they have a choice. They can grab an Xraycer summer sled, go outside and schuss down a deserted ski trail or dirt road, whooping with joy all the way to the bottom. They could even get a group of friends together and have Xraycer races, to keep their competitive juices flowing.

As reported in Core77, “Xraycer is the ultimate mountain wheeler for adults and the lightest, most intuitive and portable summer sled ever created. The Xraycer is built as a toy for adults based on the idea of driving downhill without restrictions, bringing an extra element of fun to a beautiful mountain hike.”

The design is based on winter sleds combined with skateboard and snowboard technology. According to Max and Alex, co-leaders of the Xraycer team, their goal was to invent a safe and joyful ride for riders up to 220 lbs. They started out with paper templates before graduating to wooden structures. While carbon fiber was considered for  a while, it proved to expensive, so the chassis in rotational molded HDPE, which is light, affordable and durable. Considering what the Xraycer will be used for, durability is probably a good thing!

Riders steer by shifting their weight, from side to side, just like on a luge. But the Xraycer has one feature the luge lacks — a center brake handlebar that brings it to a smooth, controlled stop whenever necessary. Now, any hill you find is the proper place to enjoy an exciting ride to the bottom, hootin’ and hollerin’ all the way. Just choose one without any solid obstructions, at least until you become proficient at steering one of these things.

Like all good entrepreneurs, Max and Alex are funding their idea with a Kickstarter campaign  Check it out!