We discussed several options for protecting your Tesla last week. There are benefits to coating your car in ceramic as well as the more expensive ceramic wrapping. If you’ve decided to pull the trigger on the more expensive option, here’s what you can expect when it comes to XPEL Ultimate cost.

Model X

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Like most products, the cost of your XPEL Ultimate wrap will vary by location. A brief review of this thread found in the Model X section of the Tesla Motors Club forum revealed that prices can change dramatically based on where you get the work done.

User “Debaser” asks:

“I was just quoted $6500 plus tax for a complete bumper to bumper wrap of my MX, which includes seat backs and headlamps. Is this a good price for the Nashville metro area, or any area, really?”

A user by the name of “madodel” answers:

“I just had my Sig X wrapped in Allentown PA. All painted exterior surfaces with XPEL Ultimate. I did not get the seat backs done. Cost was $4,717, but he said his XPEL contact told him the retail price should have been $6,500. He told me he couldn’t charge that in our area so he discounts.”

There you have it, looks like you can save almost two grand by having the work done in Pennsylvania as opposed to Tennessee…

Model S

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The fine folks on this thread seem to think that the cost of the Xpel Ultimate wrap for the Model S should be much, much cheaper than the Model X.

User HX guy writes:

“Looking to do XPel Ultimate on the entire hood, front fenders, front bumper, mirrors and headlights and got a price of $1980.00. It’s quite a bit of money, was hoping to be more in the $1000.00 range but then again I wasn’t really basing that off of anything other than what I was comfortable spending.”

“nanimac,” a user from the Aloha State replies:

“We paid $2,000 for all of that as well as the rocker boards and door handles. But everything in Hawaii is always more expensive than the rest of the country!”

A Wild Vendor Appears!

A friendly representative from XPEL then appears out of nowhere to give the following quotes to the Model S enthusiasts:

“For a partial front end: This includes 18-24” up the hood and fenders, front bumper, mirrors and sometimes headlights. This ranges from $895 – $1,195.

For full front coverage: This includes the entire hood and front fenders, front bumper, mirrors and sometimes headlights. This ranges from $1,895 – $2,195.

For full car coverage: This includes every painted surface on the car possible. This ranges from $4,500 – $8,000.”

Not sure if that was helpful or not.

Model 3

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Like the X and S models, XPEL Ultimate cost seems to vary greatly by location for the Model 3.

Tesla Motors Club forum user “outdoors” states:

“Was quoted $4300 for full by previous installer. Ended up choosing same person that does my tint for $3975. Promised I would give them a shot. Has done many model S. I am sure that it was the first M3 had something to do with price.”

“Johnnymack2” retorts:

“$4k is pretty reasonable. See $6k+ a lot. But not sure if those are anecdotal or if people are really checking around.”

Friends, I would really love to give you a solid ballpark for what you should be paying for your XPEL Ultimate wrap but unfortunately the prices just seem to vary too much. I can only suggest that you talk to other Tesla owners in your area and post to the various Tesla forums from time to time to make sure that you are getting a good price.

Happy Hunting!

Source | Image: Tesla Motors