Veterinarians are amazing people, if you think about it. They have to know pretty much everything your doctor has to know, but they know it for like, cats, dogs, horses– maybe turtles. How do you ask a turtle if its tummy hurts, you know? Taken in that context, it’s probably no surprise that the wild, stressed-battery ExoDyne electric motorcycle shown here is the work of a veterinary surgeon. Specifically, a veterinary surgeon named Alan Cross.

That’s right, gang. This bike– which certainly looks like it was the product of a team of engineers and fabricators– was the work of one guy. It’s an incredible build, too, with a Suzuki-sourced suspension bits carrying some fairly exotic Brembo braking components welded into lightweight subframes. The suspension subframes, as well as the one for the seat, are then bolted to the bike’s stunning battery box.

That battery box is the ExoDyne’s most central feature (literally and figuratively). This a gorgeous, quality-looking piece of hand-fabricated awesomeness from Cross, and its frame contains 48 lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries arranged in a 100V, 32 Ah configuration. The sturdy, powerful battery box weighs weighs in at just 48 pounds– quite a bit less than a comparable internal-combustion engine. Electricity flows from the box to a rear hub motor from EnerTrac through a Sevcon Gen 4 motor controller. Alan explained to Silodrome (see the source link, at bottom) that the electric motor provides “exceedingly good torque. And, thanks to the properties of electric motors, it doesn’t need a gearbox – reducing drive train power losses.”

The bad news is that the ExoDyne isn’t a production bike, so you won’t be able to find one at your local motorcycle dealer anytime soon. There is some good news, though: Alan is selling his ExoDyne.

No word on what he’s asking for the bike in the article, but you can assume it won’t be cheap. Or, if you look at the ExoDyne as a piece of art, maybe it’s pretty affordable for what it is, you know? What do you guys think? Is this one-off electric motorcycle a dream bike you can put your money behind, or is it a project that’s best admired from afar? Scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page and let us know your take on this objectively awesome barn-build!


ExoDyne Electric Motorcycle | Photo Gallery

Source | More Photos: ExoDyne, via Silodrome.