lightest camper

This is Andy Saunder’s amazing new Cramper – the world’s tiniest, lightest RV! Make no mistake, however, this pint-sized, pedal-powered camper van is a strictly first-class ride.

“We wanted the camper to be finished to the highest quality,” says Andy. “Inside, it’s fully insulated and upholstered, it has a twin hob to cook on, a sink to wash up in. It’s got a big side window and even a small bed, you have to tuck up a bit but it’s perfect for a power nap. It is a little cramped, but it’s all good fun, and everyone who sees it says ‘Wow!’.”

Wow, indeed, Andy.

The tiny Cramper (Ha! I get it!) can seat up to 4 close friends in a pinch, and has everything you’d expect from a fully-equipped RV. In this pic, you can see a sink, stove, and small pantry – while there’s additional storage and, um- “facilities” hidden beneath the fold-up seat, at right.

lightest camper

It took Andy just two weeks to build the first Cramper, at a cost of about 1000 GBP in materials (about 1500 USD at today’s exchange rate). No word, yet, on whether he plans to make the Cramper available for sale.

Protip: he totally should.


Cramper RV Photo-gallery

Source | Photos:, via the Sun.