RV builders have long embraced lightweight designs, and this carbon fiber camper designed in part by Dallara is pretty much the endgame. While it could cost more than a garage full of Ferraris, the high-tech CR-1 camper comes withs all sorts of eco-friendly and luxury-minded options, from solar panels to walk-in closets. Yeah, it’s nicer than my house too.

Built by Global Caravan Technologies, the carbon fiber CR-1 RV was built using techniques developed by IndyCar maker Dallara to forge a new niche for luxury campers. While there are already dozens of different ways to spend insane amounts of money on recreational vehicles, this fully carbon fiber design is the first of its kind. So despite being loaded with luxury features, CEO Charles Hoefer predicts his cutting-edge camper will weigh just 6,000 pounds (depending on configuration). That means 100% to 150% better fuel economy compared to similar campers, and the one-piece body and monocoque are bonded without using any sort of fasteners.

Carbon fiber has become almost old-hat for using on high-end exotics and sports cars, but the strong and light material is working its way into more mass market vehicles like the BMW i3. Yet its use in the RV market is minimal, which is where GCT comes in. As I’ve alrady hinted though, the CR-1 will have an expensive starting price, and only go up from there. You’ll need $170,000 to own just a basic model, which still comes with features like a master bed and bathroom and huge closets, as well as optional items like an integrated generator and 770 watt solar panel system. A fully-customized model could go for as much as $770,000.

For eco-friendly, off-the-grid living that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, the CR-1 offers an interesting proposition. On the inside it looks more like a New York City loft than a camper, and the ability to move it anywhere could make it an excellent alternative for antsy retirees, or anyone who wants to say they live in a race car.

I mean, close enough, right?

Source: Global Caravan Technologies | Autoblog