We are hearing more about electric vehicles (EVs) as they’re improving, with greater battery capacity, lesser charging time, appealing models, lower maintenance and operation costs, higher motor efficiency, and so on. EVs are gaining popularity because of their lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared with fuel or gas-powered vehicles.

Many automotive giants plan to shift entirely to the production of electric vehicles in the coming years. Electric car manufacturers are coming up with affordable options to target the masses. Here is a list of reasons why electric cars are better for us.

Electric Vehicles are Environmentally Friendly

When you drive an electric vehicle, you reduce air pollution since they have no exhaust emissions. Moreover, their engines work without petroleum products, oils, or antifreeze mixtures. We can improve the air quality in our cities and towns by choosing electric cars over gasoline-powered cars. If you own an EV, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy sources like solar PV systems to charge your car’s battery. Currently, some EVs are made from green, bio-based recycled materials.

Cheaper Maintenance and Operation Costs 

You save when you own an electric car due to its low running costs. The electricity cost per kilometer is much less than the petrol/diesel cost per kilometer. This makes a big difference in your annual savings.

There’s not much to spend on maintenance as there’re very few moving parts. Costs such as replacement of engine oil and servicing of exhaust systems, radiators, starter motors, etc., are not needed. You can even get your EV serviced at your home conveniently for a small fee.

Better Road Safety

Electric vehicles are safer because of the absence of explosive substances, which reduces the risk of fires. There are lesser chances for your EV to roll over due to its lower center of gravity. Electric vehicles have an inbuilt mechanism that cuts off the battery’s power in case of a defect or an accident. This mechanism keeps you safe by automatically disconnecting the battery from various high-voltage components and wires in your EV. Their structure is also made to protect the battery and passengers from frontal impacts by diverting the forces.

Quieter roads

As an owner of an EV, you can help in reducing noise pollution along with air pollution. These cars offer a better driving experience since they are quieter than those that run on internal combustion engines. You’d only get to hear sounds at moderate to higher speeds due to tire noises or wind resistance. At slow speeds, you’d notice that fuel cars are twice as loud as electric cars.

Better Performance

You get to enjoy a better driving experience with an electric vehicle because of its high torque power, fast pickup speed, regenerative braking, and quiet acceleration. You can enjoy a comfortable drive with these features, which are absent in gas-powered vehicles.

You can comfortably drive an electric car with its fixed-ratio gearbox that has no clutch. EVs have faster acceleration than vehicles that run on internal combustion engines because of reduced drivetrain frictional losses. They’ve greater traction since their motors are directly connected to each wheel.

Eligible for Tax Credits and Deductions 

Many governments promote the sale of electric vehicles by providing tax benefits to manufacturers and buyers. You’d receive tax credits or deductions for purchasing an EV, which varies based on the state and the country you live in.

Those who buy an EV with a loan are eligible for tax deductions on the interest paid for it. Also, you’d get a tax credit for purchasing and installing home charging gear. Electric cars are a better option for business owners and employees because of their substantial tax savings potential.

EV Special Privileges 

Owning an EV gives you access to exclusive parking spaces located near the entrances of supermarkets, parks, hospitals, and so on. You’d get concessions when you pass through highway tolls. You’re also allowed to use high-occupancy vehicle lanes on highways when you drive an electric car. There’re many charging stations located in service stations, hotels, shopping centers, etc., where you can charge your vehicle free of cost. Local governments give preferential treatment to electric cars that stand out with their special green plates.


There is no doubt that there’re many advantages offered by an electric vehicle. They have improved over time in terms of efficiency, performance, range, etc. We have many car brands that offer electric cars, and their network of charging points and battery swap stations is growing. The new government policies favor greener modes of transportation, which include electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.

It’ll take governments, manufacturers, and other key players a few more years to develop a proper infrastructure system for EVs. Issues such as climate crisis, air pollution, depletion of fossil fuels, and plastic pollution are driving research to improve EVs’ efficiency and sustainability. Regardless, we have to take the initiative to move towards greener energy by opting for electric vehicles.