When purchasing an electric vehicle, you should consider the warranty provided. Electric vehicle manufacturers promise routine maintenance and minimal repairs, among other incentives when a warranty is purchased. Manufactures and dealers offer the best warranties to give you peace of mind and to attract more buyers.

What are the Attributes of an EV Warranty?

As more Americans purchase EVs, manufacturers are busily sweetening their deals with the best warranties possible. When considering which manufacturer offers the best warranty for electric vehicles, there is not much difference from conventional car options. Warranties may differ due to length of ownership, miles, types of maintenance, etc.

The standout features of most EV manufacturer’s warranties are split between the car and the all-important battery pack. For instance:

  • The Kia e-Nero has a seven-year or 100,000-mile warranty covering both the vehicle and its battery.
  • A BMW i3 comes with a battery guarantee of 100,000 miles or eight years, but the car itself only carries a three-year unlimited mileage warranty.
  • The Hyundai Kona Electric has an eight-year, 125,000-mile warranty on the battery plus a five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Electric vehicle warranties cover areas of manufacturer defects, such as the door getting jammed. Warranties also cover specifics such as paint chipping. Other EV manufacturer warranties may offer a multi-year rust policy.

Always be aware of the length of time your warranty covers. For example, Nissan provides a 60,000 three-year warranty of the electric Leaf and throws in a battery and electrical system policy valid for 100,000 miles or eight years. This type of warranty will be beneficial in increasing the longevity of your EV.

When researching your EV manufacturer’s warranty, read the terms and conditions carefully. Doing so will help you find out what a warranty policy covers and what it does not.

Which Manufacturer offers the Best Warranty for an EV?

A significant advantage of buying a new electric vehicle is that the manufacturer offers to cover the cost of repairs or replacements for a set period or mileage, or whichever happens first. Manufacturers vary in their offering for one brand to another and may be extended to a second owner if the period is long enough with some conditions. Alongside battery warranty, be on the lookout for extra value-added incentives, such as coverage against body rust or corrosion and roadside assistance.

The best warranty for an electric vehicle as offered by their manufacturers include:

Tesla on the 2020 Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is a luxury SUV by the American EV manufacturer, a crossover with rapid acceleration and instantaneous power. Tesla is offering a 150,000 mile or eight-year hybrid EV warranty for the battery and electrical system on top of the 50,000-mile four-year basic warranty.

With an EPA electric range of 315 miles, the Model Y is a technological marvel that’s competing well with petrol and diesel rivals.

There are two trim levels of the 5-seater Model Y that feature innovative semi-autonomous driving and top-notch safety features. A long-range dual-motor all-wheel-drive version is popular for its price and its delivery of 112 miles per gallon equivalent or MPGe of 112 on the highway and 129 MPGe on city roads.

Hyundai on the 2021 Kona

The Kona is a small, stylish SUV crossover with sporty handling, full-electric features, and excellent fuel economy. The Hyundai Kona offers a bevy of active safety attributes plus a low price and turbocharged engine options with a 258-mile single-charge range.

Although some of its competitors have more cabin space, the Kona still delivers 108 MPGe on highways and 132 MPGe in the city. Aside from a basic manufacturer’s warranty of four years or 50,000 miles, the Hyundai Kona also offers an EV warranty of 150,000 miles or eight years.

Audi on the 2021 e-Tron

Here’s an all-wheel-drive SUV with a driving range of 222 miles and Audi’s character for luxury. The Audi e-Tron is a full electric, 5-seater hatchback that rivals in sportiness and style with the manufacturer’s other cutting edge packages.

With an estimated 77 MPGe on the highway and 78 MPGe in the city, the elegant e-Tron comes in two trim levels. You can opt for the curb appeal boosting Sportback style at the expense of a little cabin space.

Alongside charging ports on both sides, the Audi e-Tron is complemented by a 50,000, 4-year basic warranty and 100,000 miles, eight-year EV warranty offerings.

Chevrolet on the 2020 Bolt EV

If you are looking for an affordable and practical electric vehicle, then the Bolt EV is your choice. Upgraded from the 2017 model, Chevrolet offers this 5-seater in two trim styles that include the popular LT version.

Other than a budget-friendly price, the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV offers an estimated 108 MPGe on the highway and 127 MPGe for city roads. Its two years, 36,000 miles basic warranty may appear mean for the American manufacturer until you consider an additional 100,000 miles or eight-year battery and electrical warranty.

Get the Best Warranty on Electric Vehicles

When considering your next electric vehicle by the warranties they offer, consider how much driving you do, where you drive your car, and how rough you are with your vehicle. If you are a city driver, you may need a warranty covering body damage like scraps and dings on doors. While if you live in the hot desert, having a warranty covering maintenance will be more important due to heat and sun damage.