We’ve discussed the best places to buy a replacement emblem for as well as where to source parts for your Tesla in the past. Today we would like to take a look at where you can buy a Model 3 aero wheel cap kit. Adding new wheel caps to your aero wheels can improve your car’s appearance for a relatively reasonable price. While there is some debate about whether it’s better to have them installed professionally or to do it yourself, most agree that a new aero wheel cap kit is a solid investment.

Tesla Service Center

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Several contributors to the Tesla Motors Club forum recommend buying from Tesla and having the Tesla service center put them on. It looks as if most people who have gone this route have been able to do so for around $50…not too shabby! One user posted a picture of his rear tire with the new aero covers and I have to say that they look great!

Other contributors had a bit of a different story to tell. One person claimed that he called all three service centers in the Chicago area and came up goose eggs. He described the staff at the service center as being very dismissive, perhaps because buying and installing an aero wheel cap kit is not a very lucrative endeavor for the company.

A quick Google search for “tesla aero wheel cap kit” reveals hundreds if not thousands of companies offering to sell you their wears for a litany of different prices. While many of these vendors offer ridiculously low prices, we do caution our readers to be weary of deals that sound too good to be true. Counterfeit merchandise is all over the Internet and we would hate to see anyone get taken for their hard earned money.

A Wild Vendor Named EV Tuning Appears!


I often wonder if these guys have some kind of sixth sense when it comes to popping up on the various Tesla forums. The exchanges usually go something like this:

Forum member: “I’m slightly dissatisfied with the way Tesla is handling something.”

Wild Vendor out of nowhere: “I can solve your problem!! Buy from me!”

I must say that I do respect the hustle.

EVTuning claims that they can match Tesla’s price for your Model 3 aero wheel cap kit. The only issue is, you will have to put them on yourself if you order them online. Most users seemed to think that the process was fairly easy and could be accomplished with few tools, making going through Tesla’s service center completely unnecessary.

Seems easy enough. I wonder if my inept-self could handle a task like that?

Where do our readers go for their Model 3 aero wheel cap kits? Are there any other sources that we should consider? Have you had issues with Tesla’s service center similar to the the ones mentioned above?” If so, how did you resolve these? Please leave us a comment below and share your story.

Source | Images: Tesla Motors / EVTuning