What’s In The Frunk?

What’s In The Frunk?
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We recently shared with you a collection of pictures of dogs with Teslas. Several dogs shared were in the “frunk”, the nickname given for the trunk-like storage space at the front of a Tesla, where an internal combustion engine typically resides.

That space has been used a variety of things, both practical and fun. Here are some of the best pictures we’ve found:

1.) Elon Musk and a dog. Cardboard cut outs of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, have made their rounds at various Tesla gatherings. Here, one is in the frunk, along with a dog.

2.) V8 power! Here, twitter user White Lightning replied to a post showing the inner workings behind the frunk, showing that they took out the frunk (liner) and added a V8.


3.) A whole litter! In case you wondered how many puppies could fit at once, here’s an answer.

4.) A ball pit! For the smallest among us, a frunk is large enough to become a ball pit.

Photo: famlii.com

5.) All. The. Babies! Babies love a good place to rest.

6.) Booze. Perhaps the only thing more universally loved than babies?


7.) Practical matters. A frunk can be used for those mundane tasks that no one necessarily looks forward to but has to do anyway, like hauling gravel or changing a diaper away from home.


8.) A frunk to the rescue… of 8 Japanese quail!


9.) Pizza! According to @LikeTeslaKim, a Model 3 frunk is just the right size for a large pizza.

10.) It’s all fun and games… Someone other than me still has a working NES at home I see.


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