We listed the top ten all-electric vehicles (EVs) by range here. The Tesla Model S is hands down the current champion with a whopping 335 miles of range on a full charge. Well, that was easy. I’m sure my editor will be happy with my work.

But seriously folks, while the current crop may be impressive, the future also looks VERY bright.


Musk Motor Company is the current leader in range and its not even close. In addition to the Model S being the undisputed king of range, Tesla’s Models Y and X are a close second and third respectively. During a shareholder’s meeting in June, Elon told investors that, “It will not be long before we have a 400-mile range car.”

While he didn’t elaborate on what “long” meant exactly, this is encouraging. Tesla plans on rolling out a battery upgrade for existing Model X and S owners that will give their batteries an over 400 mile range as early as September. It is not clear when the first 400-mile range car will roll off the assembly line and be available for purchase.


We profiled Faraday and its troubles here. While the future of the company is in doubt, if the Faraday Future FF-91 ever does make it to the showroom floor, it will be a triumph. In addition to being able to go from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds, the Future will have a range of between 380 and 435 miles on a single charge. Let’s hope they can pull through!


Scrappy startup Rivian could be a major player if they ever manage to bring their line of trucks and SUVs to fruition. The company plans to offer the buyer three choices for battery size: 105kW, 135kW, or 180kW which will equate to a range of 230 miles, 300 miles, and over 400 miles of range respectively.

According to Rebecca Lindland, an independent automotive industry analyst, Rivian “Is playing in a very narrow space, but there’s some interest in a capable electric pickup. Also, early adopters buying EVs are not particularly price sensitive. They’re willing to pay a lot to be first, especially for a unique, cool concept like an electric pick up.”

Like Faraday, Rivian may rival Tesla one day if they’re able to deliver.

Lightyear One

Okay, this is exciting. The Lightyear One is a luxury sedan with solar panels integrated into the roof to give the driver a boost in range. The car is constantly charging when the sun is out, even if the car is running! The solar panels on the Lightyear One will provide around 7.5 miles of range per sunny hour. The car can also be charged similarly to a conventional EV. Could this be the world’s first unlimited range car under the right circumstances?

The Lightyear One is not cheap. Base models will start at over $130,000. Still, the possibility of owning the world’s first car that may not need gasoline or an electrical outlet to function is sure to attract prospective buyers.

What do our readers think will be the longest range vehicle of the near future? Is a 400+ mile range even necessary for most EV drivers? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Images: Needpix.com / Tesla / Faraday / Rivian / Lightyear One