There are new advancements and technology that impact the electric car industry. To have an idea of the changes that we may expect, we refer to Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO. Musk is well-acquainted with all things electric cars and is known for his futuristic, yet realistic, ideas.

A visionary, Musk had the guts to dream of a world where electric cars reigned and space exploration flourished. And he’s currently working on making these a reality. So when it comes to the future of electric cars, we have to tune in to what Elon Musk has to say.

We Need More Energy

With more electric cars on the road, there’s a need for more energy to get them moving. While it’s a simple truth, we need to appreciate it. We need to increase electricity generation to make this sustainable. WHO estimates that the amount of electricity required to run electric cars will have doubled by the year 2040. This calculation also adds to the debate on how “clean” electric cars actually are.

But Musk is ready to think outside of the box when it comes to energy consumption. Elon Musk would like to have electric cars run on clean energy, and his suggestion is to develop energy generating sources like solar, geothermal, nuclear, and wind power. But is it really possible to generate clean energy? I guess for Tesla, only time will tell.

We Need a New Process for Making Battery Cells

Battery packs are the most essential components of electric cars. In late 2020, Musk had something to say about battery cells. He acknowledges that, right now, designing and manufacturing cells is a pretty expensive process, but a new process is in the works. He estimates that it may take up to three years to create electric vehicle batteries that are cheaper but more powerful.

Tesla plans to recycle battery cells. It also wants to while reducing the amount of cobalt used to zero. Cobalt is one of the most expensive battery materials, which eventually affects electric cars’ price. Musk feels that the new Tesla’s larger and cylindrical cells will increase the driving range by 16% and provide 5 times more energy and up to 6 times more power.

Tesla is Designing an Electric Van

There is talk of a possible Tesla electric van being introduced to the market. There was mention of this in the Tesla Q4 2020 earnings call. Previously, Musk said it wasn’t possible to add a solar panel to their cars because they lack the surface area needed and need the correct climate.

However, with a van, he sees this being feasible. There’s a large surface area, making it possible to charge the car to increase the range. Could we finally be saying goodbye to the classic mini-vans that dominate suburbia? Perhaps the old American dream of a white picket fence might also come with an electric van in the family driveway.

Tesla is Working on a “Hover” Car

Musk hasn’t stopped dreaming. He would like to offer what he terms a ‘SpaceX package’ for the Future Tesla Roadster and have it hover. The Roadster is a hypercar that has amazing specs, including its blistering acceleration. He intends to apply rocket technology and use space-grade thrusters to enable it to hover over the ground, of course, without hitting people.

In reality, this will take some time to actualize. And Tesla will need to consider some significant safety measures like anti-thrust. Still, it won’t be long before we join Marty McFly in the world of flying cars.

Expect Exciting Things

It’s safe to say that we can only anticipate exciting things when it comes to the future of electric cars. Get ready to experience advanced commuting.

When the dreams of people like Elon Musk are transformed into action, we can expect transformation and innovation. He’s enthusiastic about the world we could be living in and passionate about bringing his ideas to life.