Getting the racing world to take electric cars seriously will go a long way towards acceptance by the general public as a whole. And electric cars have a lot going for them in that regard. Few moving parts, lots of torque, and all of that power is available at 0 RPM’s.

A British company called Westfield Sportscars, who builds kit cars designed for track racing, is dipping their toes into the water of electrified sports cars. They plan to produce the iRacer, a lightweight, rear-wheel drive electric race car with an asphalt tearing 730 ft-lbs of torque. Sounds vicious.

Not exactly a fan of the name, and it isn’t the best looking electric car to come out of the idea oven. But beauty follows functionality, and with a tubular steel chassis and two separate electric motors driving each of the rear wheels, it should be a very competitive racer. Factor in an estimated curb weight of just 1,300 pounds (440 of those pounds of for the lithium phosphate batteries) and the iRacer should be incredibly nimble too.


Westfield estimates that this should allow the iRacer to reach 60 mph in under five seconds. The top speed is an electronically limited 110 mph, and the range of the car should be about 55 miles… under racing conditions. That isn’t bad, considering an 18 gallon gas tank will typically get a NASCAR racer about 80 miles. Westfield also claims that the iRacer can be fully charged in 2 hours using a “phase three generator”… whatever that is.

The iRacer is being built to compete in the newly-formed EV Cup, a racing series that will take place at a half-dozen tracks across Europe and even make its way out to LA for a race. Westfield will be taking part in the Sports EV series, where it will compete against Ginetta and the Lightning Car Company.

The first EV Cup race takes place next week, and we’ll be sure to provide you updates on how the iRacer (and the rest of the competition, including Th!nk and GreenGT) perform.

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Source: Westfield Sportscars