Rivian is a crazy sort of thing. The electric truck the company keeps promising feels like vaporware, but there are so many big names– and so much freakin’ money involved!– that, like, it seems like it’s going to happen. Maybe. So, as with all things electric and start-up-y, take the video you’re about to see with a grain of salt. Like, an “it may not even be a thing that was by by Rivian” sized grain of salt. That said, it’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

The video shows a Rivian R1T spinning in place like a tank or a track hoe. Tanks pull this trick off by spinning their left track one way and their right track the other. Presumably, the Rivian is doing the same thing using its in-wheel electric motors. “Rivian trademarked terms ‘tank turn’ and ‘tank steer’ referring to independently moving wheels that can enable extremely tight turns,” reads an article that appeared in TechCrunch last December. In it, Rivian CEO, R.J. Scaringe, confirmed that, “this feature would be available on the R1S, the R1T, and future quad-drive vehicles.”

But wait– there’s more! Autoblog’s Jonathan Ramsey writes that, “According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Rivian filed to trademark Tank Turn and Tank Steer on Oct. 24, 2018 … that feature, however, remains possible, since the R1T and R1S utilize four independent motors at the wheels; there’s no reason they can’t rotate the vehicles in place to avoid, as in the video, a washed-out road.”

Anyway, that’s enough talk. Watch the CGI video of the Rivian spinning on a dime and let us know what you think of the idea in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Rivian “Tank Steer” Video *

Video keeps getting taken down– CLICK HERE TO SEE THE .GIF VERSION!
* Rivian had the video pulled, but here’s a .GIF, proving that nothing dies on the internet.

Sources | Images: Rivian (?), via Autoblog, TechCrunch.