Ford builds– and sells!– hundreds of thousands of Ford F series trucks every year. They are, by far, the best-selling four-wheeled vehicles in the US, if not the world. As such, any improvement in the general efficiency of the ubiquitous trucks could be huge for the planet. That’s also why an electric F-150 will be a must-have in any sort of electric future that has legs, so making sure the electrified version of the truck can perform as well as the ICE version is, you know, important. And, to prove that it can, Ford just released a video of an all-electric Ford F-150 towing more than 1,000,000 lbs. of freight train.


In the video, the electric F-150 program’s chief engineer, Linda Zhang, presents the company’s F-150 EV prototype to a handful of Ford truck owners. First, she demonstrates that the vehicle can tow 10 double-decker freight train cars (that together weight over one million pounds) for 1,000 feet at roughly 4.5 MPH. It’s a freakin’ wild thing to watch unfold!

What happens next, well– if it was in the headline you’d accuse me of clickbait. What happens next, is that Zhang loads up those same freight cars with 42 (forty-two) conventional Ford F-150 pickup trucks, and the electric truck prototype pulls the whole damn thing. Again. Without really making it look too difficult, if I’m being honest. That’s just me, though. Watch the video for yourself, below, then let us know what you think of Ford’s demonstration in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



DEARBORN, MICHIGAN– As America’s truck leader, we prefer to let our actions speak louder than words.

Watch as Linda Zhang, chief engineer of the Ford F-150, shows the capability of a prototype all-electric F-150 by towing 10 double-decker rail cars and 42 2019-model year Ford F-150s, weighing more than 1 million pounds.

Ford has confirmed it will bring an all-electric F-150 to market. This will be in addition to the all-new F-150 Hybrid that goes on sale next year. Both electrified models will have the toughness, capability and innovation that F-150 customers have come to expect.

That’s Built Ford Tough.

Source | Images: Ford, via Jalopnik.