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All I Want for Christmas is a 150cc VTEC Honda Ruckus

All I Want for Christmas is a 150cc VTEC Honda Ruckus
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150 cc Honda Ruckus

Dear Santa,

You’ve been very good to us already this year, what with the new turbocharged, 4-cylinder 2015 Ford Mustang and the 50 MPG Honda Accord- not to mention the slick little Motoped 50 that just reached its Kickstarter goal … but let’s get serious.

What we really want for Christmas isn’t a Harley-stomping Honda Valkyrie or even a roughnecked little Grom. What we really want for Christmas is the same Sam Gilmore and the guys at Grape Street Garage want for Christmas: a 150 cc Honda Ruckus with VTEC and a 13,000 RPM redline.

Special “Gas 2 Christmas” Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus 150

Sam describes the thing as a Honda F1 motor in a Ruckus- or, maybe a single Honda F1 cylinder, but that’s close enough, right? Surely you can make a few up from spare McLaren MP4/4 parts and make something happen in the next week or so, yeah?

Thank you, Santa, in advance. Also: when you get to my house, in lieu of cookies and milk I will leave whiskey, prostitutes, and fine cigars- as per usual.


Image: Sam Gilmore, via Grape Street Customs.

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