Twin Turbo Viper Engine Volvo

Yesterday, Gas 2 called a BMW M5-powered, Nissan Skyline-transmissioned restomod Volvo Amazon the best Volvo ever built. Just a few hours later, however, some of the guys from Volvo enthusiast forum, Swedespeed, reached out with this. A drift-ready Volvo 242 coupe with an engine bay stuffed full by 8.3 liters twin-turbocharged V10 goodness.

Oh, mama!

Built by Joachim Muri, the Volvo 242DL shown here is called “the Jericho”, and it was built to run at Gatebil in Norway (?). Despite the extreme nature of the build, however, the guys from Speedhunters seemed to take Joachim’s awesomely powerful Volvo in stride. “That’s how things go at Gatebil, though,” writes Dino Dalle Carbonare. “You are bombarded with so many Frankenstein cars that you just want to share as many as you can.” Still, you can tell he really dug this build, adding “… to me, this one really represented what the event is all about.”

You can check out Joachim’s awesome, Dodge/SRT Viper-engine Volvo in the photo gallery, below, or head on over to Speedhunters to see even more photos using the source link at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!


Viper V10 TT Volvo 242

Source | More Photos: Speedhunters.