VW Tristar Pickup

Mercedes-Benz revolutionized the van business when it launched the Sprinter van in North America. Compared to the old-style, pickup-based Ford Econolines and Dodge Ram vans of the day, the Sprinters were bigger, roomier, more efficient, and easier to drive. With the introduction of its new Tristar concept – first shown earlier this week at the IAA commercial vehicles show in Hannover, Germany – Volkswagen hopes to apply the model for the Sprinter’s success to a segment that is at the very heart of the American auto industry: the full size pickup truck.

Based on the current T-series Transporter that Volkswagen offers to Europe, Asia, and Central America, the Tristar concept offers a high-end, luxury-filled interior that features plenty of great, business-friendly touches like swiveling seats, a large file cabinet/organizer, and foldaway desk.

Under the skin, the VW Tristar features one of the T-series’ top clean-diesel engines good for 295 lb-ft of torque and almost 40 Euro-cycle MPG. That engine is mated to Volkswagen’s advanced Syncro all-wheel drive system, allowing the VW Tristar – should it get built, of course – to get around on any jobsite that America’s truck-based 4WDs can get to.

More importantly, perhaps, if VW’s Tristar ever makes it to the US, it could double the average fuel economy of a typical pickup fleet– and that is something worth getting excited about.

You can check out a few press photos of the new VW Tristar pickup concept, below, and head over to Gizmag to check out this great article about the history of VW’s AWD “Kombi” vans. Enjoy!


Volkswagen Tristar Pickup Concept

Source | Images: Volkswagen, via Gizmag.