Volvo V60 diesel hybrid wagon

Volvo’s European-market V60 wagon is the only plug-in diesel hybrid currently on the market, and the company is ramping-up production from the 1000 it built last year to more than 6000 for 2013, prompting many industry insiders to speculate that the car would be headed to the US as a 2014 model. While no formal announcements have been made to that effect, Volvo is fanning the flames by announcing that it will be bringing one of its hybrid diesel wagons to the 2013 New York Auto Show.

Volvo will show the car, it says, on the merit of its being named a finalist for the “World Green Car of the Year” award. The wagon will be judged on the merits of its 35-mile electric-only range in “Pure” mode, as well as its combined 120-ish MPG European fuel economy rating and ultra-low-emission 5-cyl turbo/diesel engine. The other two finalists are the “you can’t buy one of these, either” Renault Zoe and the Tesla Model S sedan.

One thing Volvo has confirmed is that it will be announcing a new US-market model at next week’s NY show. Smart money may be on something unsurprising (like a new R-Edition of the recently updated S60 sports sedan, for example), but something a bit more “quirky” and exciting and V40 or V60 flavored may yet be in the cards. Here’s hoping Volvo brings one of its diesel hybrids, anyway … which is all we can do, for now.

Source: Volvo, via MotorAuthority.