Charging station locations

Volta Industries provides free electric vehicle (EV) charging stations thanks to support from local business. It’s a new business model that could reshape the way the EV charging industry works.

Hawaii is a very EV friendly state. The weather is nice and the commutes are short. Also the population of the island state is very ecofriendly.  There currently about are 272 public charging stations in the in Hawaii, but demand is on the rise and Volta Industries plans adding twenty more charging stations in the state by the end of this year. The best part, the charging stations will be free.

Volta Industries is pioneering a business model of providing free EV charging stations.  The charging stations are supported by business sponsors and placed in locations with high traffic, such as shopping malls. This allows consumers to charge their vehicles for free and thanks to the strategic placing support the sponsors by shopping at their stores while their EV charges up.

Volta Industries has installed nine free charging stations on the island of Oahu, in addition to 40 paid charging stations. The company intends to grow to more than 500 stations locally and nationally in 2013.

This is a great business plan for now. By offering free charging stations there is encouragement for consumers to go green. Plus, businesses that sponsor the charging stations will attract foot traffic to their stores and increase sales in a state that is notoriously expensive to operate a business in. Whether or not this business model will continue to work as more and more EVs fill the roads/become the norm for automobile transportation remains to be seem.

But for now, perks such as this will help get people behind the wheels of EVs and will help out American business and small business as well.



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