Between its Volkswagen, Audi, and Seat brands, the Volkswagen Group has committed to building more than 300,000 electric vehicles in 2021. That’s a whole lot of electric cars from the company that, not too long ago, was touting the benefits of “clean diesel”. As such, you can imagine that some people doubted the company’s commitment ability to deliver. VW, though, claims they’ve locked down a battery supplier … for a full three years.

“I can confirm that for the first years of our plan, a sufficient supply of cells has been contractually secured,” said Thomas Ulbrich, the Volkswagen brand management board member in charge of electric mobility. He also added that the contract would ensure this was the case until 2023 in a bid to remove all doubt from the doubters in the audience. “We have the contracts so no one is going to stand there and tell us ‘we are not going to supply you any more, help yourselves if you want to build them anyway,’ — that’s not possible.”

The VW-branded ID3 will be the first of a new family of purpose-built VW brand EVs, with production slated to begin this September after the Geneva show. Deliveries of the ID3 to its first customers are expected sometime in mid-2020.


2020 VW ID3 Electric Car | Concept

Source | Images: VW, via Automotive News.