virtue bicycles

As urban populations rise and more and more commuters begin to push themselves to work on pedal power, bicycle companies are working hard to attract their attention. In a bid to score some positive press and, maybe, a few extra clicks to their website earlier this week, Virtue bikes unveiled their latest creation: the Pedalist velomobile.

Marketed as a bicycle with “car-like” weather protection, lighting, and even turn signals, the Virtue Pedalist looks like a convincing velomobile. “Maybe you really could pedal to an office job in decent clothes without ruining them in the rain,” I thought. Looking inside, however, reveals an open floor and fender-less, splash-guard-less front wheels which, you know, throw that idea completely out the window. What the Pedalist seems to amount to, then, is a 150-200 lb. (final weight targets haven’t been hit, yet) sweatbox of a trike that will ruin your grown-up pants just as surely as a standard roadie would in the wet.

Also, you’ll sweat like a pig on the set of Epic Meal Time if you tried to pedal this nearly 200 lb. sweatbox up a hill in the heat of summer.

All the same, the Virtue Pedalist accomplished its mission. We’re all here reading about Virtue Bikes, and – to my eyes, at least – they look like they make some pretty good stuff. You can check out their full line, from Amsterdam-y commuters to full on cargo trikes, then let us know what you think of them in the comments, below.


Virtue Bicycles “Pedalist” Velomobile

Source | Images: Virtue Bike, via Gizmag.