Last week, Volkswagen dropped acclaimed racing driver Romain Dumas behind the wheel of the ID.R– one of the most powerful electric race cars ever built. Once he was trapped in, they pointed the pairing at Germany’s famous Nürburgring, where they promptly set a new track record for electric cars.

The ID.R didn’t just set a new record, though. Along the way, it thoroughly obliterated the previous electric record set by the NIO EP9 back in 2017 by more than 40 (forty) seconds.

Volkswagen has been pushing hard to shed its well-earned image as a manufacturer of emissions-cheating, high-polluting, diesel-engined crapwagons crapwagens with always-on check engine lights. Part of that push has been a commitment to developing high-performance electric motors, and that’s where the Pike’s Peak-winning ID.R electric supercar comes into play. If their electric can beat the pants off of, say, Mercedes’ big-engined AMG cars, then VW becomes the name you think of when you think of premium, German electrics, you know?

That’s the logic Volkswagen seems to buy into, anyway. Don’t worry about whether or not it makes any sense and simply enjoy the video, below. It is truly a sight to behold. Enjoy!


Video | VW ID.R vs. the Nürburgring

Source | Images: VW, via Motorpasión.