With a 0-60 time of just 2.1 seconds (#murica) and a curb weight some 1100 lbs. lighter than a standard Tesla Model S, the P100DL race car is a serious piece of sporting machinery. The cars, set to compete in the upcoming Electric GT racing series, will be rare. Very rare, in fact– and very few journalists will ever get a chance to drive them. Tiff Needell, however, is no mere journalist.

Needell is an accomplished racing driver who made it all the way to Formula 1. Sure, it was just the one race— but that’s one more F1 start than you or I have!

Anyway, Tiff is known as a relatively hot shoe. Beyond that, he has been a presenter on both Top Gear and Fifth Gear. At least one of those is still a show about cars, too– so that’s something! You can watch him take the Tesla P100DL Electric GT car through its paces in this video, below. Them let us know what you think of the hottest Tesla you can buy in the comments at the bottom of the page.


Tiff Needell Drives Electric GT Tesla

Source | Images: Lovecars, via Autoblog.