l (49)The electrification of two-wheels vehicles is beginning to blur the line between what constitutes a motorcycle and a bicycle. The engineering talent that brought the world the million-dollar electric supercar, the Rimac Concept One, have further blurred those liens with their latest project; the more-affordable Greyp G12 electric bicycle.

Utilizing a 16-horsepower electric hub motor mounted to the rear wheel, the Greyp G12 can reach a top speed of 40 mph, far beyond the capability of most electric bicycles. It’s pedal-assisted range of nearly 75 miles, thanks to the 1.3 kWh battery pack and on-board regenerative braking, is also a step above what most e-bikes offer.

But that is only the tip of the tech iceberg. With a nearly $7,900 price tag, the Greyp makes a tempting target for thieves, though the fingerprint ID scanner will prevent anyone but you (and up to 49 of your closest friends) from enjoy your electric bicycle. Ample use of carbon fiber keeps weight down, and a 5-inch color touchscreen informs you of speed, battery levels, and other important info.

With electric motorcycle-like speed and performance, but not requiring any special license of certification, the Greyp G12 makes for a tempting alternative to even the most fuel-efficient gas motorcycles. Plus, judging from the video, it’s just as good on the road as it is off the road. Deliveries begin in October if you’re looking to sign up.

Source: Greyp Bikes