Enorm_ebike_v3_bulletOne of the most interesting, yet least talked about trends in green transportation is that of electric-assisted eBikes. Beyond being an efficient way to get around, eBikes have become increasingly stylish, drawing their inspiration not from pedal power, but motorcycles. The Enorm V3 Bullet is one such eBike, and it looks like the spawn of an iPhone and a crotch rocket.

The Enorm V3 Bullet certainly isn’t your standard, back-to-basics eBike, as it sports huge wheels (24 inches in the back and 26 inches up front) and an impressive battery range. Enorm claims the 48 volt battery will give riders about 62 miles, or 100 kilometers of unassisted range. Styling definitely comes from smartphones, but the motorcycle influences in the low handlebars and big wheels are undeniable as well. Definitely better looking than some of the more “standard” eBikes on the market.

It even comes with a smartphone and while Enorm doesn’t reveal the top speed, from the video it looks like the 0.25 kW electric motor helps this eBike scoot along at an impressive clip. All that said, the Enorm V2 cost  €4000, or about $5,100. You can bet that the V3 Bullet won’t be cheap, but can you put a price on style?

As we all know, of course not. We welcome yet another addition to the cool-looking-eBike club, and it is certainly in good company.

Source: TechVehi