In this video, Zero motorcycle owner Terry Hershner walks me through the modifications he’s done to his 2012 Zero S to not only make it around town, to 4th place in a TTXGP race, but also over 3,000 miles in 5 days. He worked closely with Hollywood Electrics’ Harlan Flagg to upgrade the controller, among other changes.

Terry only had to hitch a ride the last 800 miles from El Paso because all the level 2 charging stations around there were closed to the public. At that point he didn’t have time to make it to Los Angeles using Level 1 charging, so the ride ended after over 3,000 hard miles. In this video, Terry walks me through the mods he did to make the trip possible. Some of the mods are for more social reasons, like those nights when two best friends want a ride on your motorcycle and you don’t want to be rude and only give a ride to the prettier one. Problem solved- this electric motorcycle carries two passengers. It earned the name The Zero Bus after the Zero party.

Hershner rides his Zero S as his primary form of transportation in Orlando, FL. He also let Jeremiah Johnson take it for a little spin around the banking at Daytona. Jeremiah completed the TTXGP world final race in 4th place, behind the two Brammo’s and the Muench, which finished 2nd. After the bike raced Daytona, Terry configured it for the long haul by adding a set of on-board chargers, as well as a few other upgrades. He rode from Orlando to Miami for Thanksgiving, then began his journey toward Los Angeles.

We followed his adventures on Facebook, seeing his reports of napping next to the bike to recharge bike and rider simultaneously. He says he wasn’t burning up the pavement, but he did get at least one speeding ticket. More importantly, he showed America that it is possible to cross the country on an electric motorcycle, even with a deadline.