The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is basically the biggest, most outrageous car show on the planet. The X-Tracer, one of the Automotive X-Prize winners, drove across the Sierra Nevada to be there, getting 300 mpge while doing it.

There were several classes in the Automotive X-Prize, including Tandem which was basically for motorcycles. The X-Tracer, now called the MonoTracer-E, took home $2.5 million while getting the equivalent of over 200 mpge (it’s all electric.) The SEMA show was back at the beginning of November, and normally all the show cars are trailered out there.

The MonoTracer team, however, drove their proven electric motorcycles 625 miles across the Sierra Nevada desert from California to Las Vegas. And they did it 70 kWhr of energy, going nearly nine miles are every kWhr. That works out to nearly 300 mpge, costing just $5 of electricity to make the journey. The team does plan on selling the MonoTracer-E to the public, though hopefully for a lot less than the $100,000 the prototype cost them to make. If the cost was reasonable, could you see yourself in one of these cabin motorcycles?

Source: Peraves Cabin Motorcycles

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