Honda first announced the new-for-2019 Honda CB300R back in April, and- to be honest- it didn’t resonate with me. That was my fault, I think, because I couldn’t see where the bike would fit in Honda’s lineup. Earlier this week, though, I happened to be visiting some of the guys at Des Plaines Honda outside of Chicago and saw the bike for the first time, in person. When you see it up close, it clicks immediately: it’s a Big Grom.

The Grom, for those of you who have been living in a spider-hole for a few years, is a small, sporty motorcycle aimed at urban commuters and would-be stunt riders. It’s great for new riders who want a motorcycle experience without the sense of impending danger that a literbike or even a 600 can sometimes cause. It’s a bike that “feels safe”, whatever that means, and Honda has been selling the absolute he(ck) out of them for years now. That fact is an important part of understanding the need for the Honda CB300R.

You know all those Grom buyers? The ones who bought the Grom as a first bike or a last-mile commuter? After a few months or years of riding in congested urban traffic, they figured out the truth. And the truth is that motorcycles aren’t dangerous.

Sure, you can do something stupid and get caught under a bus– but the people who’ve put a few hundred miles of riding on their Groms have already had a few close calls and come out OK. They’ve probably been caught in some rain, and made it home just fine, thanks. They might have even dropped the bike, and popped back up a little bit bruised, and a little bit bitter, but a whole lot wiser. And now, they want more.

That’s who the 2019 Honda CB300R was built for. Someone who loves their Grom, but who wants a bike that can do more “bike stuff”, you know? They might not be convinced that they want to see the world on a Gold Wing, like their baby-boomer parents. They might not think the tire-shredding Valkyrie or old-school Fury is right for them, either. And the CBR? Too serious– they want fun. They want a Big Grom.

And now, they can have it.

Take a few minutes to check out this professional product walkaround video from the good people at Honda Canada, below, then let us know what you think about the 2019 Honda CB300R in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Honda CB300R ABS | Walkaround Video

Source | Images: Honda, via TopSpeed.