Christian von Koenigsegg has been called many things, but it would be hard to argue that he isn’t a visionary. The engineering coming out of the Swedish design firm that bears his name can sometimes a Tesla look like Model T, and the multi-million dollar, 1500HP Koenigsegg Regera hybrid hypercar is chock full of it. From the car’s advanced, power-packed battery to its biofuel-capable, twin-turbocharged V8 engine and lightweight, aerodynamic body, the Regera oozes big-brain details. Its most impressive detail, though, may be its unique, “direct drive” transmission.

Instead of a multi-speed transmission, the Koenigsegg uses a viscous a fluid to transmit mechanical power from the engine directly to the rear axle. The coupling can open and close, connecting or disconnecting from the power sent from the engine’s crankshaft. Koenigsegg seems keen to avoid calling it a locking torque converter, and it kind of seems like it is just that– just a bit smarter, you know?

But, hey, sometimes it’s easier to understand a thing by looking at it than it is by reading it. So, check out the Koenigsegg produced video from /THE DRIVE that goes into detail describing one of the trickest components in the world’s most exciting, 248 MPH hybrid, below. Enjoy!


248 MPH Without A Gearbox: Direct Drive — /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

On this episode of /THE DRIVE, it’s a drivetrain nerd’s paradise. Christian Von Koenigsegg talks us through the Direct Drive, gas-electric hybrid system that makes traditional gearing obsolete on the 1,500-hp Koenigsegg Regera.

Source | Images: Koenigsegg, via Dirty Wheel.