model-s-kidsHappy Memorial Day readers. Today is a day of reflection and thanks, as well as a day to kick back and take it easy, which is exactly what I’ll be doing. So let’s keep it light and fun today, starting with a simple question. How many small children can you cram into a Tesla Model S? Let’s find out.

Our sister site, CleanTechnica, came across this video of a kindergartner’s class presentation in which sixteen kids pile into a Tesla Model S. The official capacity of the Tesla Model S is seven people, if you include the trunk-mounted jumper seats. But as these kids show, you can fit a whole lot more if you got creative.

In all seriousness though, this demonstration shows just how much extra cargo space a purpose-built electric car can have. The Tesla Model S has both a regular trunk and a front-mounted trunk referred to as the frunk, which adds an extra 5.3 cubic-feet of cargo space for a grand total of 31.6 cubic-feet.

That works out to be about 16 children, give or take, which makes the Tesla Model S perfect for the eco-conscious Catholic on the go.

Source: CleanTechnica