Originally spotted a few months ago while touring the streets of Switzerland, the guys at Amazon’s the Grand Tour decided to pit three different power train concepts against each other to see which one was truly fastest make some awesome TV.

In the yellow corner, a 740 HP, V12-engined Lamborghini Aventador represents the traditional fossil fuel power train. It’s a big engine that burns a lot of gasoline, in other words- and it’s as good a standard bearer as the dinosaur-juice crowd could reasonably ask for. Will it win?

In white, we have the all-electric Rimac Concept One. With a price tag of nearly one million dollars and more than 1000 HP on tap, the Croatian-built, all-electric Rimac promises its well-heeled owners a 0-60 sprint in less than three seconds and a top speed of over 220 MPH. More than enough to put on a show against the petrol-powered Lamborghini, in other words.

Maybe the answer isn’t fully electric or fossil-fuel driven, right? What if the answer- as Toyota has been saying for two decades– is somewhere in between the two?

To argue that case, in the red corner, you’ll find the 573 HP Acura (Honda) NSX hybrid supercar. We’re big fans of the NSX here at Gas 2, and have been looking forward to seeing the car put through its paces by the likes of Clarkson, Hammond, and May. So- enough talk!


The Grand Tour | Aventador v. Rimac v. NSX

Source | Images: Drivetribe, via AutoGuide.