Record-setting Ethanol Nissan

Nissan’s R35 GTR is a performance icon. It’s also a car that we’ve featured here on Gas 2 in various forms over the years, most notably as a Switzer Performance-tuned, ethanol-fueled street terror. Keep in mind, we’ve never posted any sort of official acceleration times, but the comments and emails surrounding Switzer’s E900 and E1K-X posts always include the same question: how fast will it go?

Well, this E85-powered beast goes from 0-170 mph in 8.6 seconds … and that’s good enough to make this particular Switzer/Syvecs-tuned Nissan the fastest one that anyone’s ever heard of. You can get all the details surrounding this car’s 1/4 mile record run in the original press release (included) and watch it happen in real time in the video, below. Enjoy!

ShepTrans’ owner John Shepherd was behind the wheel of his high-horsepower GTR yesterday, when he set a new GTR 1/4 mile record: an ET of 8.61 with a trap speed in excess of 170 mph!

Shepherd’s record run didn’t just come down to his Nissan GTR’s exotic drivetrain, however – it was also a matter of software. “We didn’t intend to set records,” explains Tym Switzer, head of Syvecs North America and its parent company, Switzer Performance. “We went to the track with John’s car and another customer’s Ultimate Street Edition GTR to test some of the new strategies we’ve been developing on our Syvecs SGTR ECU package for the Nissan R35 GTR. We didn’t think we’d be gunning for records and certainly didn’t think we’d be making any headlines – we didn’t even bring a proper camera! Everything just started clicking and we came home with a new GTR record on Shep’s car, and a new fast time validation run for one of our USE cars, which ran a 9.6 at 149 mph amazingly on 93 octane pump fuel.”

The Syvecs SGTR ECU is a direct replacement for the factory engine management system in the R35 GTR, and is fully compatible with every other system in the car, from the customizable displays to the transmission and traction-control units. “Even the cruise control works,” says Tym. “It’s a fully integrated solution that ties everything together. On John’s car, the Syvecs ecu served to tie together a fully-built ShepTrans driveline, an AMS turbo kit, and our Switzer/Syvecs dual-injection fuel system, as well as quite a few other vendor-supplied components to help get the job done. Without the Syvecs’ sophistication and the tuning resolution it allowed us, along with features like full flex-fuel capability and the ability to adjust boost and traction control with live data from the wheel speed sensors, throttle position sensors, GPS, and more, this car would run like any other Frankencar. The car was well-prepared by John’s guys, and Boyan Radomirov (Switzer Performance/Syvecs North America’s lead tuner) deserved a great deal of the credit for the effort, as he was on hand to help John dial the car in and has spent hundreds of hours gathering data and working behind the scenes with the rest of the Syvecs team to make sure our software updates effectively improve both performance and drivability. John too, obviously – his transmission stayed together under a ton of abuse, and he put in a great drive to get that 1/4 mile record run at 8.61!”

You can learn more about the Syvecs S8 “plug n’ play” engine management system for the Nissan GTR at Contact Switzer Performance for pricing and availability.

Congrats, then, to John Shepherd, who owns the fastest Nissan GTR out there. Maybe a special thanks, as well, to all the ethanol-haters in the audience today, who make writing about records like this that much more satisfying. Sorry. I couldn’t resist!

GTR 1/4 mile record


Full disclosure: Switzer Performance was my 9-5 for several years, and I’ve known the Switzer boys even longer than that. They’re good friends, they stood at my wedding, and I’ve cried at them, on them, and because of them a number of times. That said, the stopwatch doesn’t lie. Good job, guys!

Sources | Photos: ShepTrans, Switzer Performance.