EV West has undertaken plenty of classic electric car projects, but this electric Factory Five 818 Roadster is a modern corner carver that I’m smitten with. Fast, light, and oh-so-simple, two of my favorite companies have come together in this glorious union of zero emissions performance.

Having converted vehicles like the BMW M3 into a quiet Pikes Peak Monster, and an unassuming Beetle into an electric Baja Bug, EV West knows its way around modern tech and classic cars. But how about a more modern project? Enter Factory Five Racing and its recently released 818 Roadster kit, which sources parts from the Subaru WRX for a homemade track car package, and Erik Hansen of 33machine.com approached EV West about a new project. Make an electric track racer out of Factory Five’s new kit.

EV West’s engineers dove right in, taking the opportunity to work on a kit car to a new level by modifying the chassis to their needs. Hansen didn’t just want a classic car converted into an EV; he wants something modern and forward-looking. Hence the tablet gauge cluster with information pertaining to the battery and power system and modern drivetrain deliver 144 kW, or about 193 horsepower to the wheels.

Without the bodywork, Hansen’s 818 weighs just over 1,700 pounds, though the bodywork will tip it just over the 2,000 pound mark. The lightweight 16 kWh worth of lithium-ion batteries are said to be good for between 60 and 70 miles of normal driving, and the 818 is compatible with public charging stations thanks to an 5 kW on-board charger, making it street legal and practical. EV West even claims to have improved the handling characteristics of the 818 by lowering the center of gravity.

It looks like an absolute blast if you ask me. What project should EV West undertake next?

Source: EV West