I’m not gonna lie- it’s been a bad week for autonomous cars. First, GM was sued when one of its autonomous Chevy Bolt EVs allegedly injured a motorcyclist. Then, an Autopilot equipped Tesla Model S plowed into the back end of a fire engine in Culver City, California … at 65 MPH!

So, yeah. That’s a tough PR week for just about anybody to live down. That’s doubly true, too, for a nascent technology that a lot of people aren’t even really sure they want to begin with and that may just be another way for companies to sell us stuff, anyway. On the other hand, the Tesla is a “level 2” autonomous ride- what would happen if, say, we upped that to a level 4?

Renault let the guys at Car Throttle get behind the wheel of their level 4 autonomous car- a prototype called the Renault Symbioz. Ignoring the fact that purposely misspelling things has been lame for twenty-off years, these guys really gave the self-driving Renault a good spin. Good enough, at least, to make for an entertaining 8 minute video.

Check out the video, below, of the lone, operational Symbioz in existence. I’ve also included a quick photo gallery of the car for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, and invite you to share your thoughts on the car (and the laughable VR interface) in the comments at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Renault Symbioz Goes for a Drive + Photo Gallery

Source | Images: Car Throttle, via Drive Tribe.