CLOSCA stylish bike helmet

With the growing popularity of bicycle commuting and bike sharing, bicycle safety concerns are finally reaching the mainstream. Recently, we covered a $1.50 disposable/recyclable bike helmet made of paper that can serve as a sort of “backup” helmet in case you need to rent a bike and don’t have your own and/or you think helmet-sharing is icky. CLOSCA, however, has a different answer to the “Where can I put the helmet after I use my bike?” and “Why wearing a sport helmet if I seek a trendy look?” questions: a good-looking, collapsible bike helmet.

That’s right, collapsible. Like this …

collapsible bike helmet

… so, while it’s not exactly tiny, CLOSCA’s collapsible bike helmets will be easier to fit in a purse or messenger bag than, say, the sweet Tony Hawk skateboard helmet I wear when I ride. It’s sweet, but it’s a PITA to carry, is what I’m saying.

In case you took a look at CLOSCA’s photo up there and immediately pictures the helmet “collapsing” on your dome while it’s supposed to be “helmeting” it, CLOSCO provides the following infographic that (it hopes) will convince you that their helmets are, indeed, safe and functional.

Bicycle Helmet Infographic

Whether or not CLOSCA’s achieved its goal of providing superior bike safety with superior style, however, sort of depends on what you think style looks like and whether you’d rathe be seen wearing a traditional-looking bike helmet or a … is that a beret? What would you call those?

It’s not as bad as a fedora, at least.

In any event, CLOSCA is working hard to promote its new helmet designs, and has turned to Kickstarter in a bid to crowd-source the manufacture of molds for additional sizes (the company built 1 mold to prove the concept). They have about 10 days left to meet their goal of $45,000, and some pretty sweet deals if the helmet is something you’re into. Definitely head over to CLOSCA’s Kickstarter page and check it out. If you’re still not sure, I’ve embedded their promo video, below, as well as a bunch of their photos.



Source | Photos: CLOSCA, via Kickstarter.