With a sticker price of $75,995, there are plenty of people wondering just who the Cadillac ELR is for. This commercial for the new plug-in Caddy makes it clear that this cutting edge car is for people who work hard without any regrets. And you’ll have to be a hard worker to afford the monthly payments.

The Cadillac ELR hasn’t received an exactly warm welcome from a skeptical press, though early owners seem enamored with the car. With 35 miles of electric driving range, a more powerful 209 horsepower drivetrain, and two doors instead of four, Cadillac has gone to great lengths to distinguish the ELR from its corporate cousin, the Chevy Volt.

Yet none of these features are discussed in the minute-long ad starring Neal McDonough. Instead we get a 60-second homage to busting our ass in pursuit of the material. No mention of the award-winning Regen On Demand paddle shifters, the cutting-edge CUE infotainment system, or the fact that this is a luxury car with a no-compromises drivetrain compared to say, the all-electric Tesla Model S, which remains reliant on a as-yet-incomplete network of Superchargers.

Eh, whatever. It wasn’t the worst commercial in the world, but I think it was a wasted opportunity to showcase American ingenuity and independence. But what’s your take on the first Cadillac ELR commercial?