Last week John Wayland revealed to the world a 1968 Ford Mustang with a 750 horsepower electric drivetrain. Called “Black Zombie”, it’s the first of what Wayland hopes will be many classic Mustangs converted to electric power by his new company, Bloodshed Motors, as part of the Zombie 222 package.

So just how much ass does it haul at the drag strip? Well the all-too-brief videos don’t include any quarter-mile times unfortunately, though initial estimates put the Zombie 222 , as it is being marketed) squarely in the 10 or 11-second range. As you can see in the video above (which overuses slow-motion mode if you ask me), the high-power electric Mustang manages to get its wheels up off the tarmac, and keep them there, for the first 50 yards. Even though Wayland is an experienced electric drag racer, as the old adage goes, “You lift, you lose.” It still looks ridiculously awesome though.

Unfortunately, the Mustang wasn’t entirely ready for a full-power run down the drag strip, which is probably why we don’t see any time slips. For the $200,000+ asking price though, I’m sure Wayland and partner Mitch Medford will have plenty of updates rolling out soon.

I for one welcome our new electric Mustang overlords.

black-zombie-1 black-zombie-2 black-zombie-mustang-1 black-zombie-mustang-2 black-zombie-mustang-3