2017 Ford F150 Hybrid

Ford is pushing the envelope with its Ecoboost-powered, aluminum-bodied F150 pickup- but it will really be headed into uncharted territory next year when the 2017 Ford F150 Hybrid PHEV finally reaches dealer showrooms.

That’s right, just a few short years since Bob Lutz quipped that the Chevy Volt should have been a truck instead of a car, one of the big truck makers is going to come to market with a for-real PHEV hybrid pickup. That’s a move that should allow its customers (both casual truck lovers and tradespeople) access into commercial and urban areas that are becoming more and more hostile to internal combustion engines, in general.

If Lutz is right and the market is there, he’ll be sorry. That’s because the ability to pick up a Ford F150 Hybrid pickup straight from the dealer will probably put Lutz’ Via Motors out of business!

You can check out the full Autoguide spy video of the upcoming Ford plug-in hybrid pickup, below. There’s no word, yet, on pricing and final specs, but expect a decent EV-only range and a combined fuel economy rating well into the 30s. Think that over, ponder what it means for the pickup market, then let us know what you think of Ford’s plans to electrify the classic American truck in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Ford F150 Hybrid Pickup Prototype on Video

Source | Images: Autoguide, via Amped.