Motorcyclists have been customizing their rides since GIs started coming home from WWII. OK, maybe even before that– but it was those returning GIs who “chopped off” all of their heavy motorcycles’ excess bodywork that created the chopper aesthetic and launched the custom motorcycle art form. As we look forward towards a more inclusive electric future, then, it is heartening to see that a few shops are already out there building the future of custom motorcycles. Shops like Untitled, who are behind the UMC-063 ZERO XP you see here.

Built around the bones of one of Zero Motorcycles’ new-for-2019 SR/F, the UMC-063 features slick, hand-formed custom bodywork, CNC-machined controls, and super science-fiction-y lighting. The result is a stunning piece of two-wheeled art that, despite being a very, very real electric motorcycle, manages to look an awful lot like a computerized rendering. UMC-063 isn’t an exercise in futurism for the bike’s builders, however. “This isn’t about novelty for novelty’s sake, or some nostalgic idea of the future,” says Untitled’s Hugo Eccles said in a statement at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week. “The goal is to celebrate this unique riding experience through an entirely new function-led aesthetic. If the Zero XP looks futuristic, it’s because electric motorcycles like the SR/F are the future.

I’ve been assured that the UMC-063 isn’t just real, either. It’s also very, very fast, packing 40% more torque than top-shelf sportbikes like the Ducati Paginale, which is specifically singled out by the company on its website. With bits and guts from the stunning Zero SR/F, I absolutely believe the performance will be there, too!

Check out the full gallery of official press photos, below, as well as the specs and details from Untitled’s website below that. Enjoy!


UMC-063 Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle

The ZERO XP is an experimental electric motorcycle that explores the future of motorcycle design. The XP’s core is a machined aerospace-grade aluminum powertrain that contains the batteries, charger, and motor. The 14.4kW motor produces 140 TQ (almost 40% more than a Ducati Panigale), capable of accelerating the XP to 124MPH with one twist of the wrist.


Length: 80” / 204cm
Width: 27” / 68cm
Height: 39” / 98cm
Seat: 30” / 76cm
Weight: 481lbs / 218kg
Range: 80-160mi / 130-260km
Speed: 124mph / 200kmh

• Custom-designed, CNC’d polymer panels with frosted polycarbonate edges
• Custom seat, upholstered in ultrasuede, UMC tag
• Custom CNC’d 6061 aerospace aluminum seat shell, nose and bellypan
• Custom CNC’d 6061 aerospace aluminum fork brackets
• Aerospace Material Specification ‘Ghost Grey’ experimental aircraft paint

• Zero SR/F frame, modified
• Showa SFF-BP 43mm self-balancing forks, adjustable preload, compression, rebound, modified
• Twin 320mm NG floating front discs with dual J.Juan 4-pot calipers
• Zero SR/F 3.50 x 17” cast alloy front wheel
• Showa GK01 monoshock with piggyback reservoir
• 240mm rear disc with J.Juan single-pot floating caliper
• Zero SR/F 5.50 x 17” cast alloy rear wheel, Gates Carbon Drive belt
• Pirelli Diablo Superbike race tires (180/60-17 rear, 120/70-17 front)

• Zero ‘ZF75-10’ 102v, 900A electric motor with clutchless direct drive
• Zero ‘ZF14.4 Power Pack’ containing 112 Li-ion NMC cells, 102v nominal (116v peak), 14.4 kW/h
• Relocated & customized Zero 3.0 kW charger unit

• Custom CNC’d top bracket with integrated speedometer and dot matrix display
• Custom clip-on bars, with internal electronic throttle
• Motogadget Motoscope Mini LED display, integrated into custom top bracket
• Dot matrix ‘D/N’ display, integrated into custom top bracket
• Custom-molded grips
• Ruffy 5-way thumb joystick with custom-molded rubber cover
• ISR brake master with integrated switches, internally wired
• Goodridge Sniper 2 braided stainless steel brake lines
• Custom CNC’d 6061 aluminum footrest brackets with ABS heel guards

• Zero Cypher III display, integrated into ‘tank’
• Customised Zero firmware
• Customised and relocated battery charger
• Motogadget m-Lock keyless RFID ignition, integrated into ‘tank’ screen
• Custom anodized aluminium RFID key fob
• Motobox custom LED tail light array with integrated turn signals
• Motobox custom LED panel edges
• 4XLED twin headlights

Source | Images: Untitled Motorcycles, via Motorcycle News.