Last week Unplugged Performance pulled back the covers on its sexy new body kit for the Tesla Model S, and now we’ve got more pics of this sexy sedan body kit, which adds an exciting new level of sportiness to the Model S.

As previously mentioned, the full Unplugged Performance Kit will cost about $6,000 without factoring in paint, which is a pittance compared to how much character it adds to your Model S. Unplugged also hinted at future components for the Model S that enhance more than just the aesthetics of the electric sedan, though that’s still a bit further down the pipeline.

Ultimately, Unplugged Performance wants to be for Tesla what AMG is to Mercedes; that is to say, an aftermarket tuning shop that takes production Teslas to the next level of looks and performance. With an overwhelmingly positive response (especially from us) we can’t wait to see what Unplugged has in store for its next round of upgrades and improvements.

Saleen might have met its match when it comes to Tesla Model S modification.