Unplugged Tesla Model S Wheels

The recent wave of modified, high-performance Tesla Model S super sedans was started by California’s Unplugged Performance, which announced its intention to offer a full line of aftermarket performance upgrades for the Tesla Model S (and upcoming Model X) back in March. The first of the promised offerings were a set of sharp, aerodynamic body mods to give the Model S a unique look. The second, which Unplugged Performance announced yesterday, has now arrived- and it’s awesome: a set of strong, ultra-lightweight 21″ performance wheels from BBS.

BBS, for those of you not in the know, is the supplier of choice for Formula 1 race cars, IMSA/LeMans Ferraris and Porsches, and- well- pretty much every other extreme sporting machine out there. That makes the series UP01 wheels (Unplugged Performance, series 01) very much the real deal.

The enhanced look and stance of the cars riding on these wheels is obvious- but what might be less obvious is that, by reducing the amount of weight at the corners of the Tesla Model S, Unplugged Performance was able to improve the vehicle’s ride and handling while, at the same time, cutting back on rotational mass and improving acceleration. In other words, these are functional upgrades.

That’s enough prattling on from me, however. You can check out Unplugged Performance’ official press release, announcing the new UP01s, below. Enjoy!


Unplugged Performance collaborates with BBS for 21″ Model S Specific Wheel Upgrade

BBS rims for Tesla Model S

Today we are thrilled to announce our first official wheel, the Unplugged Performance UP-01. The UP-01 wheel set was developed and produced in partnership with BBS Germany. BBS’ credentials as the world’s most prestigious supercar OEM wheel manufacturer are unassailable and we’re thrilled that they have partnered with us on this great Tesla specific project. As Model S owners ourselves, we immediately multiple areas to improve over the factory Tesla wheels and we set out to produce a wheel solution that addressed inherent weaknesses while improving overall performance for everyday use. The end result we feel is a higher quality alternative than anything previously available and something that will be hard to top in the future.

Not only is the same performance wheel making technology used in the UP-01 as BBS used making the Ferrari F430 Challenge wheel, we also took special attention to details unique to the Tesla Model S driving experience. As the Model S is a fairly heavy car, wheels are at greater risk to damage than on other cars. The UP-01 wheel is over-engineered to support nearly the weight of two Tesla’s and has been tested to 10x the already intense TUV standards for durability. The wheel is also fine tuned in the manufacturing process by BBS for rigidity, structural integrity and harmonics which all translate into quite literally a smoother ride over all surfaces.

The Model S is a daily driven car and because of it’s large wheel base many owners unexpectedly experience the horror of curbing their wheels. To save that future pain and frustration, the UP-01 includes BBS made integrated stainless steel wheel protector bands which look beautiful and can be swapped out in less than 5 minutes with no tools and without deflating the tires. We even include an extra one free with the set. Even small details matter and with Tesla’s unique identity we made sure to include 8 center caps (4 BBS variants and 4 Tesla factory center caps so if you want Tesla branding on your UP-01 wheels you have it included in the box). Even the finishing is special, an asteroid graphite color was selected that is designed to look amazing on every color variant of the Tesla Model S. You might think at a distance it is matte black, but up close when you see the special color and details like the titanium hardware you’ll know you are looking at a special wheel.

Most importantly everything we do at Unplugged is designed for unrelenting quality at a price that is fair for all of our fellow Model S owners. When you click this link, you will find absolutely incredible pricing for the set that includes all of the great items mentioned above (4 wheels, 5 stainless integrated wheel bands, 4 BBS center caps and 4 Tesla factory center caps).


Unplugged Performance Aerodynamic Body Kit








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