They had me at “Transformer.”

BPG Motors has just announced that the Uno 3, their wicked little 3-wheeled transformer, is finally available for pre-order. Just $250 USD will get you on the pre-order list for this compact, city-perfect vehicle. Is your inner nerd yelping yet, Jo?

Why you should care:

It’s a zero emissions dicycle that transforms into a motorcycle while you ride it. So, not only ┬áis it “green”, but you also look cool while being environmentally-conscientious. Of course, you’re only as cool as how well you ride, and falling ain’t no fun. Trust in Newton’s First Law of Motion- the Uno 3 is quite stable in its “Uno” or scooter mode, using 2 parallel wheels with a gyroscopic control system to give you nimbleness and a tight turning radius. You’ll be able to go forward, backward, and turn in tight circles without putting your feet down. At higher speeds, a middle wheel deploys forward at the push of a button, and the two wheels shift back to create a street bike, rendering the Uno 3 even more stable, more nimble, and affording better acceleration.

The UNO 3: Better than a hoverboard!

The practical stuff:

The Uno 3 is designed to be licensed as a scooter-class vehicle, and indeed, in Uno (or scooter) mode, the Uno 3 has a city-suitable topspeed of about 15mph. Once in motorcycle mode, riders can reach a breezy 30mph. Breathe a sigh of relief- the company hopes to increase the performance of the bike.

The Uno transforms between a rider’s legs, and has a futurrrific look to it, but it still features conventional motorcycle controls, such as handle bars, traditional foot accelerator, and a hand brake for both modes. There will be no further interfering with muscle memory in that respect, making the transition from bike to UNO that much smoother.

The details:

  • Price: $5,000-7,000 (similar to a high-end scooter)
  • Deposit: refundable deposit for now is $250 (USD). BPG Motors will later will want a $1000 (USD) non-refundable deposit.
  • Charge: 3-4 hours charge time
  • Range: projected to get 30-35 miles on a single charge
  • Emissions: Zero
  • License: Classified as a scooter, so check with your state for licensing requirements
  • Bonus: Transformer!

Source: Inhabitat