The start of the inaugural season of MotoE electric motorcycle may have been delayed by the massive fire that engulfed the MotoE paddock garage last week, but that doesn’t mean there’s no MotoE news to talk about. Asphalt and Rubber’s Jensen Beeler has just released some new photos of– What’s that? What fire?

Sorry, gang. I took a few weeks off from writing and, as Chris Demorro and Steve Hanley have moved on to bigger and better things, things got pretty quiet around here. Here’s a quick picture of the fire I’m talking about, and you can click through it to get to the original article on MCNews.


MotoE Paddock Fire

Anyway, Asphalt and Rubber’s Jensen Beeler has just released some new photos of the Energica Ego MotoE electric racer with the fairings and visual distractions stripped away. It’s a great photo set– if a bit morbid, given the circumstances of the fire– and definitely worth perusing if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

In the photos, you’ll see the high-voltage system lines highlighted by their bright orange insulation. These were designed to keep length at a minimum and reduce weight. You can also check out the high-voltage / high-amp motor. The design means big horsepower numbers for the permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor, which means that Energica doesn’t need a gearbox to hit MotoE’s lofty performance targets.

Check out the photos in the gallery, below, then follow the source link to the original article for more photos and Beeler’s original take on his experience at Energica. Enjoy!


MotoE Electric Motorcycle | Under the Skin

Source | More Images: Asphalt and Rubber.