Nissan Moms Can Ship Breast Milk for Free

As a way of making life easier for Working Moms, Nissan employees Can Now Ship Breast Milk home when traveling, for Free!

Best Performing Electric Vehicle Stocks

There are two ways to make money on a stock. You can buy it and hope it goes up. Then you can sell it and pocket the difference (after paying capital gains tax, of course). Or you can buy a stock that pays a dividend. Every quarter, the company will send you a check equivalent to the latest dividend per share multiplied by the number of shares you own. For instance, let’s say you own 100 share of Ford Motor Company, whose most recent dividend for the 4th quarter of 2017. The company declared a dividend of $0.15 per share, so you will get a check in the mail for $15.00. Assuming you own Ford for the entire year and the dividend is the same every quarter, you will receive $60.00 during the year. Divide that by the amount you paid for the stock to determine your return on investment for the y...

Gas2 Week in Review, February 25: Green Transportation Is Essential and Often Complicated

The top transportation stories in the news this week look at fossil fuel power in the rear view mirror...

Samsung SDI Claims Significant Advance In Graphene Battery Technology

Samsung SDI claims significant improvement in graphene density and charging performance. Is a breakthrough near?

Gas2 Week in Review, November 19: Tesla Semi Steals the Show

It was all Tesla, all the time this week in the news. If it wasn't the Semi reveal, it was the J.B. Hunt truck order from Tesla, stories about Megachargers, or the return of the Roadster.

Gas2 Week in Review, November 12: Electric Trucks, and Buses, and Vespas — Oh, My!

This week on the "Gas2 Week in Review" we focus on electric vehicles that aren't intended to someday replace your father's Chevy --- those commercial vehicles with real potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas2 Week in Review, November 5: EV Issues, Insights, and Innovations

This week's edition of the "Gas2 Week in Review" looks at recent news stories about solutions that the EV industry is trying to overcome. If these successes keep building, all-electric transportation will soon be much more pervasive across all sectors of the personal transportation ownership group.

Tesla Pushes Back Model 3 Production Guidelines

Tesla has officially acknowledged that production of its Model 3 sedan will be delayed due to issues surrounding the manufacture of battery packs at the Gigafactory in Nevada.

Gas2 Week in Review, October 29: Tesla News— Get Ya Tesla News Here! Read All About It!

Tesla news drives our "Gas2 Week in Review," as our writers have received an exclusive from the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club to check our video footage of that newest addition to the Tesla catalog. Read those articles and more about Tesla in the category of what's happening now at Tesla.

Illinois Solar Energy Association Raffles Tesla Model X

Yes, you read that correctly! This is your opportunity to win a Tesla Model X (and support an awesome solar advocacy organization in the meantime)! There is only a limited number of tickets sold, so enter to win today.

Model 3 Deep Dive Video From Model 3 Owners Club — Part One

The folks at the Model 3 Owners Club got their hands on a real live Tesla Model 3 recently and got to spend a few days with it. They used the time to make a video that details everything about the car from stem to stern.

New Crosswalk In Iceland Creates A Stunning Optical Illusion

A small fishing village in Iceland is experimenting with 3D artwork to help drivers recognize crosswalks so they will slow down.