The older I get, the more I subscribe to certain truisms, and it seems to me that truth really is stranger than fiction. Over a hundred years ago, Jules Verne penned “Around The World In 80 Days”, a story about a wager to travel the width of the world in the ascribed amount of time. Electric car lovers are a nerdy bunch by nature, and a legit electric car race around the world is happening right now as two teams compete to be the to drive around the globe on pure electricity.

In September, Rafael de Mestre announced to the world that he would be making a trip around the world in his Tesla Roadster in 80 days or less. His journey began almost 3 months after a team of two young French engineers, Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy left in a Citroen C-Zero EV. The C-Zero is a French version of the Mitsubishi i, which gives it a realistic range of between 50 and 60 miles. The Tesla Roadster can go upwards of 200 miles per charge. See where this is going?

Despite a significant head start, the 15,000 mile journey of the C-Zero will take closer to eight months than 80 days. De Mestre, who is also French set off on May 1st with the aim of chasing the two engineers down and becoming the first man to travel around the world in a production electric car. Other custom-made EV’s have made the journey, but none produced by a major automaker before. The stakes are high and the race is on.

So far, Mestre has crossed most of Europe and all of North America. De Mestre and his Tesla are currently waiting to pay a toll in China, while Degon and Guy are just leaving Singapore, having a lion’s share of their journey still ahead of them. De Mestre is maintaining a multi-language website 1-e Race and Twitter feed, as are the Degon and Guy over on their website Electric Odyssey and associated Twitter feed.

With both electric cars crossing Asia the Roadster has caught up in just a month. Realistically speaking, the two young engineers seem to be taking a much more liesurely trip across the planet

Source: Autoblog Green | Electric Odyssey | 1-e Race