The Twike is a little-known human-powered electric hybrid vehicle that’s been in production for decades in Europe. It’s a Gas 2 favorite. It’s an Automotive X-Prize challenger. Now, the Twike HPEV (human-powered electric vehicle) can add another line to its already impressive CV: Playboy model.

The article itself is light on Twike details, but heavy on California ammbiance. “It was already a hot and lazy day in (Los Angeles), but here you can sense nonchalance on an even higher level,” says photographer Jean Pierrot, who wanted to capture model Cenit Nadir in a peaceful, relaxed setting. “This is an escape from the city’s overwhelming reality,” he adds, speaking of A. Quincy Jones’ minimalist masterpiece, the Schneidman House, where the photo shoot for model Cenit Nadir took place. “It is the ultimate relaxation.”


Twike is More than a Pretty Face

Twike 1 Twike 3

The Twike shown is one of the few that made it to the US after the 1986 World EXPO in Vancouver, Canada, where it was initially displayed by a group of Swiss students. Without more information it’s hard to say much more about it, really. Even so, it’s fun to see the super-green 2-seaters show up anywhere, you know?

Also, there’s a good-looking model involved- so there’s that.

What do you guys think? Does the Twike have a shot at the US market? Would the upcoming Twike 5 be able to steal some of Elio Motors’ thunder- and sales? Is this all yet another a lame attempt to justify claiming a Playboy subscription as a tax write-off? Let us know what you think, in the comments.


Source | Images: Playboy Magazine.